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2016-17 Preschool start date

To help the children get adjusted to the preschool environment, we are staggering their start dates. This means that only half of the students will be coming to each session during the first week. With a smaller amount of children, it is a little less overwhelming. We will be forwarding you a list telling you what day and time your child will be coming during the beginning week of September 7-9th. This is the only day and time that your child will attend preschool during the first week.

Regular enrollment will begin the following week, Monday Sept. 12th, with your child attending on his/her registered days.

2015-16 Handbooks in the mail

Preschool Handbooks and other information for the upcoming 2015-16 preschool year are in the mail and/or should have been delivered to your household if your child is registered for this coming year.

If you don’t receive anything soon, please contact the preschool registrar.

The website has been updated to reflect information in this year’s Handbook.