Frequently Asked Questions for Preschool Families Wanting to Register

1: Where is my child on the waitlist?
We cannot answer this question because the waitlist changes all the time. When a spot is available for your child, we will offer it to you.

2: When will my child get a spot?
We will inform you if your child can be offered a spot. When a spot opens up, it will be offered to the next child on the waitlist. There is no point emailing to ask if you have got a spot because one will be offered to you when one opens up. You will be on the waitlist until a spot is offered to you.

3: How much is the preschool? What is the preschool schedule?
All the information regarding costs and daily schedule is here on this website. vvcp.ca/general-information/.

4: Can I have a morning spot if I have an afternoon spot?
Your family can be on the waitlist for any spot that you like. You can remain on the waitlist and take a different spot. You can remain on the waitlist and refuse any spots that you do not want.

5: How do I register?
You have to register online this year. Once you have registered and paid the fee, you will be on our waitlist. You will be contacted if a spot opens up for your child.