Handbook: Information

Arrival and Dismissal


Morning Classes
Arrival 9:00 AM
Dismissal 11:30 PM

Afternoon Classes
Arrival 12:45 PM
Dismissal 3:15 PM

  1. The preschool classroom opens at 8:50am and 12:35pm. You will enter the preschool from the doors facing Colony Street, through the playground entrance. The drive-up loop adjacent to the building is the fire lane/ bus lane.  These lanes are for emergency use and are not intended for short-term parking to drop your child off.  Parking is available on Colony Street.  We ask that you accompany your child inside the room each day.  We cannot accept responsibility for any children dropped off outside.
  2. There are boot racks in the hall outside the preschool room.  Please remove wet or muddy shoes at the entrance and carry them to the racks.  Inside shoes can be put on after the children enter the room and will be kept in the cubbies below each student’s locker.  It is preschool policy that all children wear shoes.
  3. Parents are asked to wait in the hallway if the children have not been dismissed.  Most days the children wait with the teacher on the hallway bench until they are picked up.  The children may be found in the playground at dismissal time on warm days.
  4. Please let the teacher know if someone other than the usual adult or parent will be picking your child up at dismissal time.  Anyone picking up children must have their name on a dismissal release form that the preschool keeps on file.  If an individual is not recognized when picking up a student, photo identification will be requested.


  1. Please provide a small, healthy snack for your child each day.  We suggest no more than two items as it is meant to be a snack and not a full meal.  Class time is better valued participating in activities rather than snacking.
  2. Healthy beverages and reusable water bottles are encouraged.  Water is available from the water fountain in the room.
  3. Our classroom and the school are NUT FREE ZONES!   Please check all product labels carefully.


If your child will not be attending class, please phone the teacher at 306-652-0015 or email at .


  1. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is ill.
  2. Any communicable disease should be reported to the teacher.
  3. Parents will not work in the classroom if they are ill.

Newsletters and Emails

  1. Newsletter – a monthly newsletter will be emailed to you. It will include the monthly happenings and any pertinent board information.
  2. E-mail communication – the preschool board will also communicate information to families via e-mail. Please provide one main e-mail address you wish to use on the parent contact info waiver.
  3. VVCP website – a variety of information will be posted on the VVCP website: upcoming events, registration information, all forms etc.
  4. Volunteer sign up – the link to the online volunteer form will be available by email invitation for signups 2 months at a time. The site will display a calendar for the year’s volunteer schedule as well as parent contact information. Reminders will be sent via e-mail prior to your scheduled helper days and toy wash day. If you are unable to do your scheduled parent helper shift, please use the website to change your shift with another parent. If you are unable to attend your scheduled volunteer shift, you are responsible for finding a replacement. Please ensure you make the coordinator aware of your situation, but it is the responsibility of every member to complete their shifts and find a replacement. Please do not try to make arrangements with the teacher.

Preschool Parties

During the year there will be preschool party days on Halloween, Christmas, and year-end. Prior to these events signup sheets will be posted in the hallway for contributions of healthy snacks, baking and drinks for the class. All items are greatly appreciated. Please remember we are nut free!


We stress the importance of respect, caring, honesty and responsibility. Although problems are never anticipated, there may be special circumstances that require more time than is available during the preschool day. Extreme behavior that demands all of the teacher’s attention, interferes with the learning of the other students, or poses a safety concern will result in the following course of action:

  1. If the teacher recognizes a problem, a board member (parent-teacher liaison) will be notified to call the parents in order to facilitate a meeting with the teacher, parents and board member(s).  Discussion will take place to address the concerns.  At this meeting, goals for behavioural changes will be set and a timeline will be mutually established.
  2. On the determined end date a joint decision will be made by the preschool board and the teacher regarding the future of the child’s attendance at preschool.  This decision will be presented to the parents.
  3. If the difficult decision for dismissal is reached, any undeposited cheques and belongings will be returned.


If a parent decides for any reason to withdraw their child from the preschool, one month’s notice (30 days) is required. The registrar needs adequate time to fill the vacancy. Please verbally mention this to the teacher, and e-mail the Registrar written notice. Please note that your first month’s tuition payment is non-refundable.

If you withdraw your child from preschool at any point after March 31, you will ONLY be reimbursed the remainder of your child’s tuition if a replacement student can be found for your child’s spot. Otherwise your tuition will be withdrawn for the final three months.

Proper Dress

Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  Children will be going outdoors for playtime even during the winter months.  Warm boots, mittens and ski pants should be sent to school with the child.  We encourage parents to help their child to learn to dress by him/herself. Trying to get all the students ready can be very difficult without the students doing some of the dressing on their own.  However, Mrs. T and the parent helper will always be there for assistance.

Minimum Age Requirement

The preschool caters to three and four year old children.  Your child must be three years old and potty trained on the first day of preschool. If they turn three between the first day of school and January 31, they are welcome to attend, but will be assessed for readiness by our teacher in their first few weeks of school.  Children that turn three after January 31 must wait until the next school year to enrol.