A Day at VVCP

Each day is 2.5 hours, either in the morning from 9.00-11.30am or from 12:45-3.15pm. 

After being greeted at the door and instructed to 1. remove outside shoes 2. take items to their assigned locker 3. put on indoor shoes, we begin free play while the rest of the children arrive.

With the help of our student and parent helper of the day, our clean up bell is rung and we all help to pick up the toys while singing the clean up song!

Settling down for circle time, our very special student helper is acknowledged and asked to check the weather and assist in counting the days of the month. We then sing our days of the week song!

This time frame is used to learn about the letters of the alphabet, play with play dough, do special science experiments, paint pictures, do crafts, or learn something new from whatever the current season brings.

Trickling into more free play time – with clean up.

Finding a spot for circle time again. This time we listen to our student helper about their show and tell item.

Ready to line up using our walking feet, we wash our hands for snack time (helper goes first!).

After putting our lunch boxes and water bottles away we wash our hands and find a spot for circle time again. This time we read books.

Now it’s time to change our shoes and get ready for outside time until caregivers arrive for pick up (weather permitting)