Welcome to VVCP

Welcome to the Varsity View Co-operative Preschool. We aim to provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment for your child. Our morning and afternoon half-day programs for three and four year olds emphasize learning through play, fostering creativity and independence in a stimulating and social environment.

We are located in Brunskill School, in the Varsity View neighborhood, near the University of Saskatchewan. We encourage you to explore our website for more information or email the Registrar at  .

Building confidence and new friendships while fostering an enthusiasm for learning.

2021-22 Registration:

Register Here

Registration is now open for the 2021-22 academic year, set to begin in September 2021. Please register using this link:


If you have any questions, please email the registrar at VVCP Registrar.

COVID-19 measures and procedures:

 In accordance with the Saskatoon Public School Division the following measures will be implemented to protect yourselves and others from spreading COVID-19. 

  1. Staff, students and parent helpers must wear masks at all times inside the school. 
  2. For contact tracing purposes, a daily log of students attending the pre-school must be kept. Program staff and parents that enter the building must complete our SPS Health Questionnaire using the QR code found at each entrance. 
  3. Masks are mandatory for caregivers at drop-off/pick-up of students. 
  4. Only 1 caregiver will be allowed to drop-off/pick-up their child. 
  5. There will markings on the floor to assist in physical distancing. 
  6. Hand sanitizer application/ completion of a COVID questionnaire will be required prior to drop-off. 
  7. Temperature testing will be done on children at the beginning of each day. If the child is febrile (>38.0), they will be sent home. 
  8. Water fountains have been temporarily disabled. Students are asked to bring a reusable water bottle filled from home to school every day. This water bottle is for personal use and must not be shared with others. 
  9. In terms of classroom setup, unnecessary furniture may be removed from classrooms to provide greater space between students and encourage new methods of interacting to avoid close contact. 
  10. Proper hand hygiene is a key element to reducing the spread of illness. Students will be taught and expected to follow proper hand hygiene. This includes washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and the frequent use of hand sanitizer. Visual instructions for proper hand washing will be displayed beside every sink. 
  11. Hand sanitizer will be available at the classroom entrance during drop-off and pick up, and in the classroom. There will be numerous prompts to wash hands or use hand sanitizer throughout the day, such as when first entering the classroom, or immediately before and after snack. 
  12. To support a safe environment for students, staff, and families, regular disinfection of surfaces and toys that children regularly touch will be of high importance. There will be increased sanitization in areas where there is a higher possibility of transmission. A list will be provided to the daily classroom helper of things that will require washing. 
  13. COVID illness protocol is currently being developed in consultation with current SHA and SPSD recommendations. 

 *These guidelines are fluid and may change depending on new information and infection patterns. 

Do you have questions? Check out our FAQs page for some answers to frequently asked questions, or browse through our site.