Welcome to Varsity View Co-operative Preschool!

Registration is now open for the upcoming 2023/24 school year and the current school year.
VVCP Open House: Thursday, February, 9, 2023, 6-7PM. See the VVCP Facebook page for more details and to RSVP.
Please email the VVCP Registrar if you have any questions.

We offer flexible options for all comfort and readiness levels. Including 2, 3, or 5 day registration. Morning or afternoon!

“Preschool is such an exciting time in your child’s life, when they begin to make new friends and share in new learning opportunities. I feel very lucky to be a part of these experiences. Creating a comfortable and welcoming learning environment for your child is my primary priority”.


Why choose a co-operative? Research suggests that parent participation in a co-operative child’s program is positively associated with social adjustment and school performance. Both parents and children benefit from parents assisting in the classroom.

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Do you want to have a voice and participate in decision making for your child’s school? Join our team of board members!