Handbook: Orientation and AGM



We would like to emphasize that we are a co-operative.
Every family is responsible for a minimum of 10 parent helper days at the preschool and 1 toy wash session. 

The VVCP board consists of 11 parent volunteers that meet monthly to discuss the business details of the preschool. We are not associated with the Saskatoon Public School Board or any other associations. Our success is a direct result of the time and effort put forth by our families as a whole.

We hope that everyone is having a fun and relaxing summer. The school year will begin shortly, and we have included in this website all the information needed to prepare your child (and yourself) for a great year of preschool!

To help the children get adjusted to the preschool environment, we are staggering their start dates. This means that a smaller number of students will be coming to each session during the first four days, therefore making the first day a little less overwhelming. We will be forwarding you a list telling you what day and time your child will be coming on September 6, 7 or 8. This is the only day and time that your child will attend preschool during these days. Regular enrollment will begin on Thursday September 11, 2023, with your child attending on his / her registered days. Parents who have any questions regarding their child’s start date can contact our registrar at

This fall marks the sixteenth year we welcome Jennifer Trottier back to the classroom. We are so fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and caring individual engage our children throughout the year! Jen’s role and focus is on our children; we kindly ask that you direct questions or concerns to a board member. See the Contact page for all the board members and their divided duties and responsibilities.



Tuition: All payments must be collected on or before your child’s first day of class. Unfortunately, without payment your child will be unable to attend. Fees are based on sessions/week:

Monday – Friday
5 days
$2500 for the year or $ 250 / month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
3 days
$1500 for the year or $ 150 / month

Tuesday, Thursday
2 days
$1000 for the year or $ 100 / month

Options for Payment:
1)      Payment in full by cash or e-transfer to
2)    Monthly Payment through our preschool automatic debit system (we do not accept monthly e-transfers for tuition). To select this option, you must complete a Pre-Authorised Debit (PAD) Agreement form (this will be emailed prior to the AGM) and attach a void cheque or verified financial account information provided by your bank.

School Supplies:The fee for school supplies is $100. We will do the work of shopping for school supplies for your child, so you have one less thing to worry about as school approaches. As well this helps cover the cost of buses for field trips. This fee can be paid by e-transfer to or through our preschool online payment system. If selecting the online payment option, you must complete a PAD agreement form. You do not need to attach another confirmation of banking information as we only need one copy on file.


Missed Shift Penalty: $75 retainer fee. (see Parent Helper  section for details). This retainer must be filled out through our PAD agreement (it is part of the same PAD agreement for toy wash and arrears). You do not need to attach another confirmation of banking information as we only need one copy on file.

Toy Wash: $100 retainer fee (see Toy Wash section for details). This retainer must be filled out through our PAD Agreement (it is part of the same PAD agreement for missed shift penalty and arrears). You do not need to attach another confirmation of banking information as we only need one copy on file.

All of the above payments, agreements, and retainers, along with the completed forms, are to be brought to your child’s first day of school, in order for your child to attend.

NSF POLICY/FAILURE TO PAY TUITION – A $25 NSF charge will be applied if a payment does not clear the bank. Failure to pay NSF charges and/or tuition within 30 days of being due will result in your child not being allowed to attend preschool until fees are collected. If payments are not made within 60 days of being due, you will lose your child’s spot at VVCP and his/her spot will be filled.


Every person who will be volunteering in the classroom regularly (parent, family member, nanny), and everyone volunteering on field trips will be required to have a current completed criminal record check in place by Monday October 2nd, 2023. Failure to do so will result in your child being unable to attend preschool until the criminal record check is complete. This can be done online or in person. If doing the application in person you are required to have a letter from our preschool, which will waive the fee. These letters will be available via email. If you are doing the application online there is a ten dollar processing fee. If you have any questions/concerns about the Criminal Record Checks, please email the online coordinator ().

Persons with a criminal record relating to the vulnerable sector and/or violence, force or sex related crimes will NOT be able to volunteer or hold membership within the cooperative, as set out in our bylaws (“No person shall be eligible for membership in the Co-operative if they have been convicted of or under indictment for crimes involving violence, force or sex related crimes.”).

All other criminal record offences will not necessarily ban membership in the coop. However, the president and online coordinator retain the right to review any other criminal record offences, on a case by case basis, in the instance of volunteering in the classroom.



Parent Orientation night is Tuesday, September 5th, at 6:00pm. The Annual General Meeting will be incorporated into this evening as well.

Attendance is mandatory for a representative from each family, as this is when all details of the preschool will be explained, including volunteer, fund-raising and toy wash obligations. This orientation is for one or both parents only (and can include their respective stand-in who will be volunteering in the classroom).

The board will be elected at the AGM; the list of nominees is listed here. If there are any open positions, nominations will be taken from the floor. Financial statements for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023 will be available for your review.



Did You Read and sign:

  • Allergy alert / student image release / cooperative agreement form
  • Medical release form
  • Dismissal release form
  • Parent contact information form
  • Prepare 3 PAD agreements and attach a void cheque (1. Tuition, 2. School Supplies, 3. Retainer fees)
  • Prepare criminal check form (for all adults who will be volunteering in the classroom and field trips)
  • Mark Parent Orientation Night on your calendar

Thank you!
VVCP Board