COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 measures and procedures:

The following measures will be implemented to protect yourselves and others from spreading COVID-19.

  1. It is strongly recommended that students wear a mask inside the school. Staff and
    parent helpers must always wear a mask inside the school.
  2. Masks are strongly recommended for caregivers during drop-off / pick-up of students.
  3. Keep your child at home if your child is febrile (>38°C), or has any of the following
    ● Cough
    ● Excessive runny nose / congestion
    ● Diarrhea
    ● Rash
    ● Sore throat
    ● Vomiting / nausea
    ● Headache
    ● Stomach pain
    ● Shortness of breath
    ● Conjunctivitis
  4. Water fountains have been temporarily disabled. Students are asked to bring a
    reusable water bottle filled from home to school every day. This water bottle is for
    personal use and must not be shared with others.
  5. Proper hand hygiene is a key element to reducing the spread of illness. Students will
    be taught and expected to follow proper hand hygiene. This includes washing hands
    with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and the frequent use of hand sanitizer.
    Visual instructions for proper hand washing will be displayed beside every sink.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be available at the classroom entrance during drop-off and pick up,
    and in the classroom. There are numerous prompts to wash hands or use hand
    sanitizer throughout the day, such as when first entering the classroom, or
    immediately before and after snack.

*These guidelines may change depending on new information and infection patterns.